About Us

Serverless Stack is an open source guide to building and deploying full-stack serverless applications using Serverless and React. It’s completely free and the content and comments are hosted on GitHub. While working with these technologies we found that very few of the resources out there focussed on full-stack and even if they did they ended up being out of date and possibly inaccurate. By making this guide open source we hope to keep it up to date and accurate with the help of our readers. We also rely on our community to help people resolve their issues while they work through the tutorial.

Frank and Jay at the AWS Users Group

Frank and Jay speaking at the AWS Users Group on the Serverless Stack

Serverless Stack is written and maintained by Frank Wang (@fanjiewang) & Jay V (@jayair) from Anomaly Innovations. We have been developing on the AWS Platform for nearly a decade. We have built web apps, iPhone and Android apps, in a variety of different environments and languages.

We are currently working on SEED; a fully-configured code pipeline for Serverless apps. Seed is the simplest way for teams to build and deploy Serverless apps on AWS. If you are using the Serverless Stack for your projects give Seed a try and let us know what you think. Seed is also completely built using the Serverless Stack!

Over the years we’ve accumulated a ton of experience on how to build, deploy, and maintain applications on the AWS Platform. The serverless approach has been a giant revelation to us. If we had a chance to go back and do this all over again, there is no doubt we would have taken the serverless approach. The pros simply outweigh the cons. And while we recognize that it is not for everybody; we wanted to create a resource that makes it easy to learn and get started.

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